Welcome to Krasnodar city

Dear friends!

Krasnodar is the most dynamically developing megapolis of the South of Russia and the capital of the Krasnodar Region.

According to official data, the population of the city is more than 980 thousand citizens, but in fact it exceeds 1.3 million people.

In recent years, our city remains being a leader in terms of the most indicators of social and economic development among the major cities of the Southern Federal District, and in terms of some indicators it competes with Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, for example, in the pace of housing commissioning and the provision of retail space.

Housing commissioning reached a record figure of 2,462.6 thousand square meters in 2017.

There are 1,362 square meters of retail space per 1,000 citizens. The major Russian and foreign trade networks are represented in the city; a head office of Tander CJSC – an owner of the network of the "Magnit" retail stores, a leader of the Russian food retail sales – is situated here.

A significant share of the economy of Krasnodar accounts for small and medium-sized enterprises. More than 95.2 thousand small and medium-sized business entities operate in the city; among them 159 medium-sized enterprises, 40.3 thousand small enterprises and more than 54 thousand individual entrepreneurs. The total number of employees in small and medium-sized businesses exceeded 246 thousand people by the end of 2017.

The Kuban capital has consistently ranked in the top ten of various social and economic rankings among Russian cities, it has been repeatedly recognized as the most comfortable and promising city for living and business. So, in 2016, Krasnodar entered the top five in the ranking of the quality of life of Russian cities provided by the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, and in 2017, the city was awarded the 2nd place in the ranking of promising Russian megacities according to the Expert Business Magazine’s estimation.

The Municipal Formation Krasnodar City is a leader of investment development in the Krasnodar Region. We pay much attention to work with investors including foreign ones. Production facilities and shopping centers of such large foreign brands as CLAAS, Philip Morris, Metro Cash and Carry, Tetra Pak, and many others successfully operate in our city today.

We are open for cooperation and ready to discuss projects of different levels. Our principle position is to build a flexible policy towards investors, support projects, and provide the most favorable conditions for their implementation.

I am sure that all these factors will further contribute to the successful development of Krasnodar as the investment attractive city.

We invite all investors to cooperate!

Head of the Municipal Formation Krasnodar City
Evgeniy Alekseyevich Pervyshov