The project of Krasnodar-2030 strategy will be brought to public hearings at the end of March

March 2, 2020 / Announcements and results of actions

At the end of March Krasnodar plans to hold public hearings on the project of the city development strategy until 2030. This was reported by Elena Vasilchenko, manager of economy department of the city administration, at the operational meeting dated March 2 that was held by the Chief of Kuban capital Eugene Pervyshov. 

In late March we will enter the public debate of the strategy of socio-economic development of Krasnodar until 2030. It is important to say that open deliberations aroused a relatively lively interest. Each broadcasting of round-table discussions had more than ten thousand views. So on March 20 we are preparing for broad discussion and as a follow-up we are adopting the strategy, as noted Elena Vasilchenko.   

The experts from Ernst & Young were dealing with the elaboration of the development strategy of Krasnodar until 2030.

The strategy is split into four blocks: economy, urban environment and human capital and social sector. Each of them has their own objectives and tasks, flagship projects and development lines defined. Currently 15 flagship projects, 12 subprojects, 63 development lines and 46 targets are defined in the project. 

According to the strategic vision, by 2030 Krasnodar should become a human-based city. The developers held the view that from the city with predominance of trade and industry with low added value as well as insufficiently developed creative industries the capital of Kuban should transform into a center of South Pole of growth due to the development of innovative industry, creative industries and event-based tourism.