The Master Plan of the City of Krasnodar Will Form the Basis for the Development of Other Kuban Cities

September 2, 2020 / Announcements and results of actions

The Master Plan for the development of the Kuban capital will serve as an example for the comprehensive development of other Municipal Formations in the region, especially for resort cities.

Even now, in each Municipal Formation, urban planning authorities were formed, which necessarily include representatives of the public. By September 2021, Master Plans will be adapted in accordance with land use and development regulations, all intersections with the forest fund will be excluded.

The new Master Plan of Krasnodar, developed by the specialists of the Scientific Research Institute for Prospective Urban Development, St. Petersburg, provides for the maximum number of social facilities and green areas in urban neighborhoods. The document also defines the rules for the construction of new residential areas in the city.

According to the document, by 2040, the number of residents of the regional capital will reach 3,200 thousand people, of which 1 million will live in the Krasnodar agglomeration: more specifically in the Severskaya, Dinskaya, and Krasnoarmeyskiy Districts and the Goryachiy Klyuch Urban District. The agglomeration will form a single natural and ecological framework and recreational parks.

According to the new Master Plan, the infill development of the regional center is completely excluded.