The business lounge of Krasnodar airport to expand up to 450 square meters

January 22, 2020 / Investment

Krasnodar international airport presented a design project of the new business lounge that will be located on the second floor of the Domestic Airline Departure area. Its square will twice as expand and will make 450 square meters.

The lounge will be equipped to cater more than 100 passengers simultaneously. A buffet line, shower cabins and massage chairs are envisaged there. The transfer of the business lounge is performed within the framework of the project on expansion of the Domestic Airline gate zone area. By the beginning of the summer season the lounge will increase by approximately 250 square meters, the fact that would enable to equip the area with extra seats.

It is noted that it is planned to furnish a business lounge, Priority Pass HoldersТ lounge and VIP area in the new terminal of Krasnodar airport the square of which will make around 70 thousand square meters.

It is expected to build a new airport by the year 2023.   

The value of the new airport incorporated into УBasel AeroФ holding owned by a billionaire Oleg Deripaska will make around 25 thousand billion rubles ( investor contributions Ц 16 billion rubles, federal budget Ц 4.6 billion rubles, more than 3.3 billion rubles from regional and municipal budgets).

It is expected that the throughput capacity of the new terminal will increase more than twofold Ц from 1.1 thousand up to 2.6 thousand passengers per hour. The number of the received vessels will increase from 12 to 21.