The authorities of Krasnodar view rope underground as an element of tourist infrastructure

February 28, 2020 / Innovations

According to the authorities of Krasnodar, rope underground offered to be built in the city may become an element of tourist infrastructure but not a transport of regular ommunications.

The authorities of Krasnodar do not regard a rope underground project as a prospect for development of regular communications transport as reported by Artem Doronin, Vice-Major, on the 28th of February during the discussion of the urban development strategy until the year 2030.   

The rope underground project is being criticized a lot; however, one needs to comprehend it at the right angle. Rope underground is not offered as regular communications transport. It can be viewed as an element of tourist infrastructure. I wish everybody understood it, - said Doronin.

The end of 2017 became the starting point for consideration of the prospect of construction of rope underground in Krasnodar. According to the project, it was planned to construct around 32 kilometers of loopback lines. It was noted that the implementation of the project requires around 11 billion rubles in investments.

In December 2019 it became known that a new bank for development (NBD) BRICS would provide technical assistance to Russia in the amount of 400 000 US dollars for the implementation of the rope underground project in Krasnodar.