Norwegian plant plans expansion in Krasnodar

December 6, 2019 / Investment

A Norwegian baking plant "Cabaret Bakers" is preparing to expand in Cossack village Kopansky. It releases frozen muffins and cheese-cakes for café and restaurants. The enterprise started working two years ago.  

According to the Director General of the plant Khans Morten Byerge, the enterprise releases muffins for hamburgers and hot-dogs, cheese-cakes and small piece bread. After baking the products are cooled. Over one hour of operation the plant is capable of producing from 1.5 to 2 thousand bakery products. Now the plant has a high line load; thus it is resolved to expand it. 

In early 2020 "Cabaret Bakers" plans to launch one more production line. For it an additional corpus will be built as annexed to the main workshop. This line will produce biscuits, donuts and cakes.

More than 80 million rubles invested into the construction of the production line. By February 2020 the amount of investment, with due regard to the acquisition and installation of a new line, will make around 100 million rubles.