Machines of Krasnodar machine-tool plant are exported to Cuba

December 18, 2019 / Foreign economic activity

The successor of plant named after Sedin – "Southern Heavy Machine Tool Plant" manufactured equipment.  

The machines are meant for Cuban car-repair enterprise and manufactured with due regard to climatic specifics of the country.

Two double-support revolving (carousel type) machines successfully underwent tests and were accepted by the commission. At the moment dismantling of the units for shipment to the customer has started. A series of machines will be shipped abroad from the port of Novorossiysk.

This year, "Southern Heavy Machine Tool Plant" has already manufactured and shipped 9 turning-revolving machines, including those for export. The same number of machines is under manufacture.

For the reminder, a project for restoration of machine tool building industry on the basis of the plant was developed in 2016. Investor search was conducted. "Southern Heavy Machine Tool Plant" became successor.

An agreement within the framework of which 3 billion rubles will be invested into the enterprise development was signed at the investment forum in Sochi in 2019. Around 700 million rubles were already invested. The funds were primarily channeled for reconstruction of the shops and purchase of new equipment.

Around 100 people are in the production. Basically, those are qualified engineers and constructors. Additional 200 workplaces, including ones for youth, will be created over time. Students of specialized higher educational establishments already undertake an internship.