Krasnodar to gain almost 1.9 bln rubles for repairs of roads

March 28, 2019 / Investment

The funds for repairs of roads were allocated to the budget of Krasnodar in 2019 within the framework of the national project.

Krasnodar gained approximately 1.9 billion rubles for implementation of the national project "Safe & quality motorways". The funds have already been transferred into the city treasury from the federal budget, in consideration of co-funding from the regional budget. 

50 sections of the road network with a total length of around 65km are to be rehabilitated using these resources.

"Under the national project "Safe & quality motorways" alone, over a period of three years we will repair more than 200km of roads of Krasnodar, in consideration of the year 2019 too", - City Mayor Eugene Pervyshov commented.

He added that also due to the participation in regional programs, the major repairs of the city roads are being performed in Krasnodar. All of these factors taken together significantly improved the quality of roads in Krasnodar.    

In 2018, 66 sections of roads with a total length of 83.5km were repaired in Krasnodar within the scope of the national project.