Krasnodar park was awarded Urban Parks Awards

October 21, 2019 / Announcements and results of actions

"Krasnodar" urban park received "Urban Parks Awards" in the category "Eurasian Park Awards".

"Krasnodar" urban park built in the capital of Kuban by Sergey Golitskiy, founder of the retailer sales network "Magnit", received an award "International Large Urban Park Awards". The green belt was awarded in the category "Eurasian Park Awards".

The official award ceremony took place in Saturday, on October 19, in the city of Kazan during a plenary session of the World Congress "World Urban Parks 2019".

"The park in Krasnodar is one of the best spaces that appeared in the post-Soviet space over the last decade. And one of the greatest features is that the park was built with the money of a patron, with the effort of a single specific individual who loves his city very much", - noted Natalya Fishman-Bekmambetova, Aide to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, when announcing the prizewinners.

"Krasnodar" park was opened in the capital of Kuban in September 2017. The green belt with an area of more than 22 hectares was established for own funds of Sergey Golitskiy, founder of the retail sales network "Magnit" and owner of FC "Krasnodar".

The territory of the park includes 30 different zones, including a terraced garden, an observation platform, musical and water labyrinths, kids playground with slides, a rock-climbing wall and a rope park. An amphitheatre where film screenings take place works in the park. More than 2.3 thousand trees: oak-tree, arborvitae, hornbeam, alder, poplar, pine, tulip tree, maple and ornamental plum are planted in the park.

The design of the complex and architectural and landscaping solutions were developed by the German Agency "GMP International".