Krasnodar УMagnitФ concluded an agreement with Group to develop marketing technologies

March 26, 2020 / Announcements and results of actions

УMagnitФ retailer, with the headquarters located in Krasnodar, concluded an agreement with Group. They will be developing marketing technologies and analytics. Now advertisers could target digital companies for УMagnitФ audience and assess their influence on sales at retailer shops.  

The integration of the retailer data with marketing technologies of Group would expand the capabilities of advertising targeting and attribution of offline conversions and would improve the efficiency of digital companies.

In its turn, the retailer would be able to optionally segment audience by narrower characteristics: by specifics of purchasing behavior and preferences, including by purchases of certain categories of commodities and brands, by formats of visited shops and other parameters. Owing to this, advertisers would have an opportunity to target campaigns for the most relevant user groups.