Krasnodar concluded agreements worth 18 billion rubles at the Russian Investment Forum

February 15, 2019 / Investment

Following the results of two days, the Administration of Krasnodar concluded 11 agreements for the total amount of 17.7 billion rubles at the Russian Investment Forum-2019 as reported by the Press-Service of the City Mayor’s Office.  

According to the Administration, seven signed agreements suggest the establishment of new shopping & entertainment malls and production facilities in Krasnodar. Additional four agreements are the projects of comprehensive development providing for the construction in parallel with social housing.   

"The work of Krasnodar delegation at the Russian Investment Forum this year boils down to gaining brand new experience. We presented projects, developments and propositions for investors within Krasnodar agglomeration that incorporates several more districts of Krasnodar region. This is a new approach to complex development of all our territories and generation of employment", - told Eugene Pervyshov, Head of Krasnodar.   

He also noted that Krasnodar, Severskaya and Dinskaya districts and Goryachiy Klyuch should develop in parallel focusing on each other without grabbing human resources. According to the Head of the city, it will help not to overburden the infrastructure of the regional center and, in perspective, to alleviate "pendulum" labor migration.