Krasnodar became leader of the Southern Federal District in terms of investment activity and revenues

January 6, 2020 / Announcements and results of actions

Following the results of the economic activity over nine months of the year 2019 Krasnodar held leadership in 18 key indicators out of 34.

As a result of January-September 2019 Krasnodar became leader among capitals of the constituent entities of the Sothern Federal District (SFD) in terms of the key indicators of economic activities. The municipal economy department compiled rating of socio-economic development.   

According to the information of the MayorsТ Office Press-Service, the capital of Kuban ranks first in terms of 18 indicators out of 34. In particular, the city has the prevalence rate in terms of the share of marketed services rendered to the community in large and medium-sized organizations (100.6 billion rubles), Rostov-on-Don ranks second (45.6 billion rubles) followed by Volgograd (41.3 billion rubles).

In addition, Krasnodar tops the list in terms of the level of budget revenues (23.7 billion rubles) followed by Rostov-on-Don (21.8 billion rubles) and Volgograd (13.8 billion rubles). The regional center heads the list in terms of the budget execution as per capita (23.5 thousand rubles) followed by Rostov-on-Don (19.3 thousand rubles) and Maykop (16.7 thousand rubles).

Krasnodar became leader in terms of investment activity (56.9 billion rubles) followed by Astrakhan (45.1 billion rubles) and Rostov-on-Don (40 billion rubles).

УThose are not plain figures and indicators, rather Ц the basis for analysis and understanding of further development prospects of Krasnodar, - commented manager of economy department of the administration of Krasnodar Elena Vasilchenko. Such comparison with the largest cities of the Southern Federal District gives understanding what the value of the capital of Kuban is and how different industries are developing. It shows the reasons and dynamics of all changes, both with us and with other capitals of the constituent entities of the Southern Federal DistrictФ.