Krasnodar and Larnaca ratified a partnership agreement

October 28, 2019 / Foreign economic activity

The Mayors of Krasnodar and Larnaca ratified an agreement on partnership between two cities.

The Chiefs of Krasnodar and Larnaca (Cyprus), Eugene Pervyshov and Andreas Viras, ratified an agreement on partnership between the cities. The signing ceremony was held in course of a business trip of the Mayor of the capital of Kuban to Cyprus.

"We already have an excellent launching pad at place to develop cooperation between Krasnodar and Larnaca in all spheres starting from economic and ending with cultural ones. This is a direct flight – commented Pervyshov. I am confident that our partnership would transform into a true friendship between the cities and we would be able to implement many joint plans".  

In his turn, Andreas Viras, expressed his conviction that the execution of the agreement is "a new start that uncovers good opportunities and prospects for both parties".

On the part of Krasnodar, the Department of investments and development of small and medium-sized businesses, newly established on October 24, would be responsible for development of professional contacts between the cities.

The partnership agreement between Krasnodar and Larnaca was signed on September 21 within the scope of reception of foreign delegations to commemorate the 226th anniversary of foundation of the capital of Kuban.

Larnaca became the third partnering city to Krasnodar along with Nottingham (Great Britain) and Erevan (Armenia).