It is planned to build a "Skolkovo" branch for young businessmen and scientists in Kuban

January 31, 2020 / Innovations

A branch of the innovative center УSkolkovoФ might emerge in Krasnodar region. Krasnodar serves as a preliminary arena for implementation of this project. It will be built according to the program for establishment of techno-parks and media-parks that should enhance the vector of technology-specific entrepreneurship in the region.

In this arena entrepreneurs, young scientists and creative personalities would be able to take advantage of the required infrastructure and receive mechanisms for implementation of any project they have сome up with.   

An all-seasonal entertainment area following the example of УDisneylandФ will be created on the territory of Krasnodar region. This project is a flagship one. It is planned to implement it in 2026. The construction of the entertainment area will yield as many as 500 workplaces to Krasnodar region.

The preliminary value of construction of the all-seasonal entertainment park in Krasnodar region makes 5.4 billion rubles. The inception of the construction works is scheduled for the year 2021.