Investments into fixed assets of Krasnodar enterprises increased almost by 6% in 2018

February 4, 2019 / Investment

Krasnodar invested more than 68.7 billion rubles into fixed assets of large and medium-sized enterprises.

In the year 2018, the amount of investments into fixed assets of large and medium-sized enterprises of Krasnodar accounted for more than 68.7 billion rubles, showing a growth of 5.8% as compared to the previous year as reported on the outcome of socio-economic development of the city published on the web site of the Administration of the regional center.

Within the scope of investments in Krasnodar region, the city of Krasnodar accounts for 30%. Primarily, the investment resources are channeled for construction of buildings and facilities (58.5%), acquisition of autos, equipment, transportation vehicles (32.2%). In terms of the financing sources within the investment structure one may notice the exceedance of the share of borrowed funds (59.2%) over the amount of own funds.

The major portion of investments fall to enterprises involved in industrial sector Ц 8.2 billion rubles or 12% of the total volume, in construction sector Ц 8.4 billion rubles or 12.3%, in transportation sector Ц 7.3 billion rubles or 10.6%, information & communications sector Ц 5 billion rubles or 7.2% and trading sector Ц 4.7 billion rubles or 6.8%.

In the year 2019, the authorities of Krasnodar region expect to increase the volume of investments into the regional economy up to 600 billion rubles. 230 billion rubles out of this amount will be channeled to fund the agreements already concluded.