In the upcoming 15 years Krasnodar will need around 160 billion rubles to develop its transportation network

May 17, 2019 / Investment

Experts from the Higher School of Economy estimated the volume of investments required for implementation of the program of integrated development of transport infrastructure of Krasnodar until the year 2034, as reported by the Mayor Eugene Pervyshov to the journalists on Friday.

"It is obvious that Krasnodar needs a strategy for development of the urban transportation network that would cover the entire complex: arrangement of traffic along the roads and development of public transport. This is the basics of planning of all our activities in these directions. The developers have undertaken tremendous efforts; now we have a scientifically elaborated proposal for the upcoming 15 years", - stated Pervyshov.

The Mayor underscored that the implementation of the planned activities would require substantial financial investments that the city wouldn’t be able to handle due to the local budget.