In 2021 Krasnodar will start developing a network of bike tracks

December 23, 2020 / Announcements and results of actions

The authorities of Krasnodar are going to establish a network of bike tracks. According to the Mayor Eugene Pervyshov, the year 2021 was determined as a start for implementation of the project.

The principal task of the project is to establish a unified network of bike tracks with a length of tens of kilometers. The project is a complex one and requires a fairly prolonged period of time, as noted by the Mayor.

Initially, a pedestrian zone with bike tracks would proceed down the street of Kuban Embankment connecting two large parks – Christmas park and park on Zaton, the second pedestrian & bike route would connect Vishnyakovsky square with the square on Dmitrievsky dam and further proceed via Pokrovskiye lakes to Karasunsky ponds.

By the year 2024 the program for upgrading a roads network and a city transport system in the regional capital provides for equipment of 35 new areas with bike tracks with a length of 75 kilometers.

Based upon papers of RBC-Kuban