In 2018 own revenues of Krasnodar budget grew by 12.4%

March 5, 2019 / Announcements and results of actions

In 2018, own revenues of Krasnodar increased by 1.7 billion rubles.

In 2018, own revenues of Krasnodar made 15.4 billion rubles, that is 1.7 billion rubles or 12.4% higher as compared with the last year. This was announced by City Mayor Eugene Pervyshov when on March 5 he delivered his annual report on the outcomes of the municipal authority activities last year.

The Mayor also informed that the revenue part of the budget in 2018 made almost 32 billion rubles. According to him, for the first time, since the year 2013, Krasnodar completed the year with a deficit-free budget.

"The taxpayers of our city transferred 95 billion rubles to the consolidated budget of the region, that is 7 billion higher as compared with the year 2017", - said Pervyshov.

Earlier the City Mayor noted that the serious growth in budget revenues in 2018, especially personal income tax revenues, - is a merit of local businessmen, managers of enterprises which contribute into the development of own companies, establish new workplaces and pay to their employees official wages as well as provide all social welfare to their employees.

The Mayor also underscored that the significant growth of revenues in 2018 from payment of property taxes has become possible due to synergetic collaboration with RosReestr and tax authorities in terms of entering real estate facilities into the taxable base.

Based upon the materials of "Business newspaper. South"