"Aquarium" for start-ups: Innovation Center to launch its work in Krasnodar

September 30, 2019 / Innovations

An innovation center that should become an attraction point for companies and start-ups will be launched in Krasnodar. The center will provide assistance to companies involved in manufacturing of innovative products. This is a first platform of such kind in the region.

In the innovation center “Aquarium” with a total area of 3900 sq.m. a common workplace for development of companies dealing with and developing modern technologies will be arranged. Innovative enterprises, start-ups and companies implementing high-technology projects will be its residents. The building will accommodate smart offices, lecture halls, negotiation rooms, branches of MFC (Multifunctional Center for provision of state and municipal services) and partnering bank as well as a toll-free co-working and platforms for event organization.

The innovation center will be also cooperating closely with Krasnodar higher educational establishments in seeking active young people who are willing to become innovative entrepreneurs. Besides, it is planned to engage residents from other regions of RF.