A number of companies in Krasnodar rendered assistance to health care providers

April 8, 2020 / Small business

In the context of coronavirus local companies in Krasnodar render assistance to health care providers and medical personnel.

Eugene Pervyshov, Mayor of Krasnodar, emphasized the contribution of Krasnodar enterprises and companies which in the context of coronavirus continue rendering assistance to medical personnel and health care providers as reported by the Press-Service of the City Administration.  

In particular, CLAAS purchased 250 special medical face masks with filtration system and 35 protective combination suits for Krasnodar regional clinical hospital No.2. Sberbank handed over around 11 thousand masks to the social movement Volunteer medical professionals.     

Philipp Morris factory allocates 4 billion rubles for purchase of medical equipment for hospitals in the region. These funds will be channeled to purchase infusion syringe pumps for intensive therapy units. Kuban Credit bank will release 6 million rubles for acquisition of tests to determine COVID-19 for the regional clinical hospital No.1.

Burger King and MacDonalds organized free meals for medical emergency teams. Free coffee is organized for medical emergency personnel at all petrol stations Gazpromneft.  

STIHL handed over 33 sprayers for disinfection of entrances of the houses, streets and public transport interior on a free-of-charge basis.