Director General of LLC Cabaret Bakers Bjerge Hans-Morten

LLC Cabaret Bakers

Director General of LLC Cabaret Bakers Bjerge Hans-Morten

Implemented project:

Production of frozen bakery products of 100% readiness

Within the framework of the investment project the Norwegian company "KUBAN INDUSTRY PARK AS" launched a plant under the brand CABARET BAKERS on the production of deep-freezing bakery products in 2017 in Krasnodar.

Three years spent for the construction of the plant and purchase of the equipment. During this period works to prepare the start of the production and the analysis of the market of bakery frozen products were conducted.

Among the clients of Cabaret Bakers are hotels, café, restaurants, mini-bakeries, catering companies, trade networks and fast foods. The geography of supplies of products includes the Southern Federal district and other regions of Russia and in 2019 Cabaret Bakers started working with Kazakhstan.

The key to success of Cabaret Bakers is the use of quality-wise European and Russian equipment, however, primarily the proximity of the plant to the sources of local ecologically pure raw materials the fact that enables to significantly save on transportation costs and time for receiving the products for the end user. The purchase of local raw materials for the production enables the plant to establish prices on the products at acceptable level for the purchasers.

Presently, Cabaret Bakers helps to make the business of its partners profitable and offer quality products to purchasers.